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How to keep 502 glue from drying out

How to keep 502 glue from drying out

How to keep 502 glue from drying out?

  • Dude, you know that 502 glue is very familiar to us, is an indispensable product in every family. So what do we need to do to pull the 502 out of it?
How to keep 502 glue from drying out

As you know, 502 glue is a glue that can bond quickly when in the air, and in the air it hardens easily. A lot of users do not know how to store 502 glue. So today I am going to send you a way to keep the 502 glue from drying out.

  1. Preserve the 502 glue by putting the 502 glue in the refrigerator compartment.
    This will prevent the composition of the glue from coming into contact with the outside air. But the refrigerator is a place to store household food every day, so we must be very careful when glue in the refrigerator. We can separate the 2 things, the separate food and the glue, and close the glue bottle carefully.
  2. Store the 502 adhesive by using the paper inserted into the adhesive cap
    To prevent the air coming into contact with the glue, cut a piece of paper wrapped into the mouth of the glue nozzle 502 (the inner lid), then cover it so the glue will not harden. Each time we need glue, just open the lid, the glue will not dry and easy to use.
  3. Store the 502 adhesive by wrapping it around the lid with black glue
    This is considered a relatively simple way, just wrap the black tape over the lid once and then glue it carefully, will prevent air from entering the glue. So I have just guided you to refer to 3 effective ways of preserving 502 glue. Hopefully this article will help you easily store 502 glue at home most effectively. Good luck!
How to keep 502 glue from drying out2

Above are some great tips for preserving glue 502. I really need you to give me another tip here.

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